Making the decision to wirelessly monitor temperature data is the right one to make, for you and your customers. Temperature is arguably the most important environmental condition potentially affecting pharmaceutical and consumable products. U.S Pharmacopeia (USP) general Guidance Chapter <1079> “Good Storage and Shipping practices” states: ”Unlike shock, vibration, and other physical hazards, thermal hazards tend to be unique to a given system.” As such, it is critical to understand the unique thermal variability that exists in a given distribution environment or trade lane. One should consider several factors when making a choice of how to go about monitoring products, such as, overall cost of ownership, overhead, training, policy creation, policy compliance, hardware costs, and service and support agreements.  The task of maintaining systems to confirm environmental conditions is a complex undertaking, involving staff compliancy and interaction. Any temperature monitoring system that is not managed properly increases risk of product loss, litigation if product reaches the consumer, and regulatory fines associated with temperature deficiencies.



The expertise TempAssure brings to the table will not only streamline the processes of monitoring temperatures, but also reduce ongoing training costs and the overhead associated with managing such complex monitoring systems. Our team understands what you need to monitor and why, no need to train employees to learn a new application, no need to learn another process to analyze data to produce the report you need.  TempAssure adapts the scope of work to meet the changing demands of your business, processes, and its IT environments.   As needs evolve, we will make it easy to add, remove or modify services. Our team strives to be the best at what we do, and to remain at forefront of technologies to meet the demands of evolving industries, we exhibit a real interest in the specific needs all of our client’s businesses.


The reason our customers chose TempAssure is because we really listen to exactly what they want to get out of a temperature monitoring system, and tailor our comprehensive monitoring service to match their goals exactly. The experience for all of our customers is a low in cost of ownership, reduced risk, and the increase in compliancy with governing agencies.

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