TempAssure Mobile Monitoring Service


TempAssure has taken the next step in preserving your products not only in store and warehouse but we also have the mobile capabilities for your refrigerated trucks. Our corrective action process holds your drivers accountable and keeps you in compliance from storage to in store. Select Refrigerated Trucking to learn more info on TempAssure’s mobile comprehensive service!


Refrigerated Trucks


There are significant benefits to monitoring your whole fleet of refrigerated trucks into one platform. Among them are simplification of maintenance, network cost reduction, and simplicity of billing.


How do I know what corrective action to take once an alert is received?


The most common issues we see in traditional monitoring are alarms being neglected or cleared with out a corrective action. Our Diagnostic Call Center experts diagnose the alarm and alert you on what corrective action to take. An alarm cannot be cleared without recording a corrective action. Once an alarm is cleared it will reset and alarm again if the problem wasn’t corrected. This, in turn, will keep your drivers accountable.


What if our refrigerated truck goes out of Cellular range, do I lose all my data?


Probes will continue to monitor the environment and the corresponding Transmitters hold the data until a communication to the server is re-established and transmits.


If our regulatory agency requests a report on events, how do I access that data?


You will be able to access any and all data via internet and the ability to generate reports.

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