We understand that the data you need to access is sometimes a challenge for IT professional configure.  Some institutions network firewalls won’t allow for the opening of the ports need to allow data transmission. Additional configuration, server management, Wi-Fi expansions and service contracts is costly and time consuming.

The TempAssure system is simple.

The TempAssure comprehensive service is innovation.

We have created a turn-key solution which is literally plug and play. Plug the transmitter and cellular adapter into a standard wall power outlet, place the probe into the refrigerator or freezer.


  • Transmitters are high speed wireless modules with enterprise security, capable of collecting, storing and transmitting data to the TempAssure Cloud over our private cellular network.  Each transmitter monitors against preset conditions that are defined by the user.
  • Let us know who you’d like our diagnostic monitoring center to call by when a probe deviates from the preset condition.  Additional alerts can be provided through a variety of methods such as alphanumeric pager, cellphone, and e-mail.
  • Information recorded (in °F and °C) to the database is time-stamped and cannot be altered through the user interface.
  • Networks are preconfigured and continuously remotely monitored, with no IT involvement.
  • Remote access to the Cloud is available, anytime, anywhere.
  • Dedicated enterprise Virtual Machines (VM) and database clustering is available.  We’ll design the system to match any and all of your initiatives.

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