In-Depth Reporting


With TempAssure, every reading, alert, action, and configuration change is time stamped on the cloud, forever. Data is easily mined and interpreted into easy to read graphic and numeric temperature data sets. All alerts by time, senor, location and corrective action are simple to pre-configured reports (PDF, Word, Excel, and XML). TempAssure also has the ability to automate pre-formatted reports and general auditing to meet compliance for AABB, Joint Commission, CLMA, FDA and other regulatory organizations.


Temperatures variations in delicate refrigerators or freezers may well lead to unreliable test results, loss of product and may have dangerous consequences. The proper storage of all medications and vaccines throughout a hospital is a critical component for regulatory compliance as well as patient safety. Documenting and reporting on ALL corrective actions is complex and time consuming. At TempAssure, we are taking the guesswork out of ALL compliancy reporting and assure that every action is documented through every alarm event.

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