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Temperature and time in a consumable safety environment are two of the most important elements in preventing compromised product. Proper cooking, storing, holding and monitoring of temperatures are vital in preventing bacterial growth in consumables. TempAssure provides a comprehensive service to assist in conserving a safe consumable environment.


Our Diagnostic Call Center is fully trained to maintain documentation, alerting on hundreds of sensors and auditing to makes sure you are ready for an inspection. The DCC will diagnose the root of the problem so your staff can concentrate on the medical tasks at hand. Chose any of the following arenas to learn more on TempAssure’s comprehensive service.

Retail Food/Beverages





There are significant benefits to combining multiple areas into one platform. Among them are simplification of maintenance, network cost reduction, and simplicity of billing.


Is TempAssure easy to install?

You can install the system on your own, or we can handle the whole implementation. Installation of smaller systems is relatively simple, while larger systems require a bit more attention. Optional installation includes server set-up, positioning repeaters where required, optimal sensor placement, setting alerting thresholds, testing, and training.


Will TempAssure interfere with existing wireless systems?

No. TempAssure utilizes cellular data access points to accommodate nearly any application interference-free. Existing wireless networks, wireless telecom systems, and other systems remain autonomous and secure using encrypted transmissions. Available platforms include WIFI 802.11, 418 MHz, 900 MHz, 923 MHz and more.


Do I need a separate workstation?

No, our diagnostic call center monitors all environments, alerts and automated reporting. Customers have full access to in depth reporting to meet compliancy requirements.


Does TempAssure meet standards requirements?

TempAssure satisfies applicable Health department, FDA and Joint Commission approval requirements. Regular logging is automated and every alert and corrective action is identified by date, time, equipment, location, and user name for accountability and validation.

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