In the event of an out of range sensor, documentation of each corrective action is one of the most important items in remaining compliant with various regulatory agencies. This means, knowing not only that the monitored device went out of range, what actions were taken to solve the issue. Each event needs to be fully documented throughout the event, start to finish, no questions asked. We guarantee ALL corrective actions will be documented throughout the entire alarm event, assuring that all regulatory agency requirements are kept in full compliance. We also offer certifications such as NIST and ISO 17025 (additional charges may apply) for regulatory groups requiring such validations.


We help mitigate risk and provide continuous monitoring, simple reporting and a centralized data source. Particularly during audits, TempAssure custom reports meet compliance for AABB, Joint Commission, CLMA and FDA, CAP, State Health Departments, Vaccines for Children (VFC) and the CDC, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks. Audit reporting in conjunction with our Diagnostic Monitoring Center, makes TempAssure a comprehensive solution for virtually any environment needing monitoring.


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